3 card poker is a very easy, fun casino game played against the dealer. You can learn it in no time. The objective of 3 card poker is to get the highest poker hand in just 3 cards.

How to play 3 card poker:

Firstly you must place an ante wager. You can also place a “pairs plus” bet either instead of or as well as your ante wager.  The pairs plus bet means that you are betting that you will have at least a hand worth a pair or better.

Then 3 cards are dealt to the player and the dealer. These cards are dealt face down.

Take a look at your cards. You must then decide whether to place a play wager which is equal to the amount of the ante wager. 

If you decide your hand is not strong enough to play against the dealers you can fold. In this instance the dealer takes the ante wager and pair plus wager.

However, if you wish to play your hand the cards will be turned over to determine who has the better hand – the player or the dealer.

The dealer needs a queen high or better to qualify.  If they have Jack high or lower the game is push and you win even money on the ante bet.

If the dealer qualifies your hand and the dealer’s hand are compared to see which is the better (and therefore, winning) hand.

In the event that your hand is the better of the two qualifying hands, you win even money on both the ante and play bets.

When it is a tie, both ante and play bets are a push.

If the dealer’s hand wins you lose your ante and play bets.

You can also still win an ante bonus regardless of what the dealer has in their hand

3 card poker payouts:

Straight flush – 40:1

Three of a kind – 30:1

Straight – 6:1

Flush – 3:1

Pair – 1:1

Ante Bonus payouts:

Straight flush – 5:1

Three of a kind – 4:1

Straight – 1:1

3 Card Poker Strategy

Strategy dictates you shouldn’t bet on pair plus. The key reason for this is you lower the RTP, and increase the house edge.

You should also call if you have a Queen, 6 and 4 or a higher hand. Anything less, you should fold.

Practice! You can play for free on loads of casino comparison sites and tutorial/strategy sites. This way you can practice your strategy without risking your real money.

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