Omaha Poker is a very popular variation of poker. It features on many online poker sites alongside Texas Hold Em, and has amassed many players around the globe.  The basic rules are the same so it’s quite easy to switch from one to the other.

The objective of the game is to make the highest 5 card poker hand using at least two hole cards.

How to play Omaha Poker:

  1. The first part of the game is called the “pre-flop.” This is the initial round of betting. The small and big blinds must bet during this round. The value of the blind bets is predetermined. The dealer gives four cards to each player, face down.   These cards are your private cards otherwise known as “hole” cards. The other players must now take one of the following actions –

Call: This means they meet the bet value of the big blind.

Fold: The player can return their cards to the dealer and exit the round.

Raise: The player can bet more than the big blind.

2. The second part of the game is called “the flop.” The first three community cards are dealt face up. Now the second round of betting can begin with the same options to call, raise or fold. The minimum bet amount must be the value of the big blind.

3. The third round starts with “the turn” which is when the dealer places the fourth card face up on the table.

4. The fifth and final card dealt is called “the river”

5. If during any of the above rounds all players have folded except one, the remaining player takes the hand and wins the pot. If there are still two players left in the round the players the game enters a “showdown”.

What’s the key difference between Omaha poker and Texas Hold Em Poker? It’s mainly down to the number of cards you receive at the start of each hand. In Omaha poker it’s 4 cards whereas in Texas Hold em it’s just two.

PLO and HiLo Omaha Poker

PLO refers to “Pot limit Omaha”. In this version of the game, you can only bet a maximum of the total pot value (eg: you can’t bet all your chips at once)

In Hi-Lo the pot is split between the highest ranking hand and the lowest ranking hand where all the cards must be ranked 8 or lower. Ace is the lowest in this hand

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